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After stumbling upon a career-making story, investigative reporter Brianna Tate’s life is changed forever. As the trail leads her into a dangerous web of lies and deceit, she’s forced to leave the man she loves to keep them both safe.

Noah “Reaper” Steele, a successful business owner, has had his share of beautiful and willing women, but his heart has never been the same since the tragic death of the only woman he’s ever loved – Brianna. When he catches an intruder in his house, discovering that his long-dead love is still alive changes everything. Refueled by lust and fire, the inflamed heat between them ignites and they realize that none of their passion was lost during their years apart.

After Brianna’s true identity and location are discovered, they’re forced to work together to unveil the real danger. Torn between his love for her and her betrayal, Noah must decide if he can learn to trust her again while protecting them both at all costs. In his fight against the wicked games that surround him, will he end up losing her all over again?

Recommended for readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual content.