This is my first trip home in nearly four years. I haven’t been back for a very good reason—and his name is Hunter Beckett. My parents need my help over Christmas break, so I’ve agreed to return during the semester break against my better judgment. Kisses under the mistletoe. Family pictures in front of the numerous decorations. Christmas in Cringle Cove is a magical time for everyone else who visits—just not for me. Four long years away without a single glance backward. I’m THISCLOSE to college graduation. One week around the chocolate-with-flecks-of-gold-eyed devil and I’m THISCLOSE to giving in to him all over again. Hunter should come with a warning label: MISTLETOE NOT REQUIRED.  
Abby After my sister and I lost our parents, life has been up in the air. The only thing we’ve been able to hold onto is our pact to spend every Christmas together, avoiding it like the plague. That’s exactly what I’m doing when a deliciously dimpled man introduces himself the first day I arrive in Cringle Cove. There’s nothing wrong with making a friend, right? Until our easy friendship turns into a hellacious crush and a favor bred from nightmares. For the first time ever, I’d kill for a Christmas miracle.   Dex For someone who loves everything about the holidays, mine are sure getting off to a terrible start. The worst part? I promised my ex I wouldn’t tell a soul we’d ended things until we’re far away from Cringle Cove. At least I’m in the most festive town in the country. If everything else goes to hell this week, I’ve got that. I’m hiding out in a coffee shop when I see Abby. She’s awkward, sarcastic, and obviously miserable here. I’ve never wanted anyone more. Keep a promise to your ex in exchange for a happy holiday? What the elf was I thinking?
From USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Luciani comes a holiday tale so sinfully sweet and sexy, it will have even the grumpiest, most bitter holiday grinch dancing joyfully under the mistletoe.   Camryn He made a promise. He gave me a ring. Then after planning the perfect future, he made a choice…to kick me out of his life. Except, he never bothered to tell me. I hate that I’ve spent the past five years comparing men to the one who shredded my heart. I hate that he still has such a tight hold on me from across the Atlantic freaking Ocean. And most of all, I hate that I’m still in love with him.   Jack Five years ago, I got on a plane. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I traded my dreams to escape my dark past. I pushed aside the only family I ever knew. I crushed the only girl I’d ever loved, driving her into the arms of another man—my best friend. And now I’m back to face everything I left behind. Only I’m too late.
He was an Olympic Gold Medalist. She was his best friends sister. Together, they started a love affair that would shock a nation. Brooklyn Myles was returning to her hometown after college with no clear direction in life—but she gets more than she bargained for when a cruel twist of fate sends her long-time crush calling. Hayden Jaxon had a competitive snowboarding career, six gold medals, and women falling at his feet—except, it wasn’t enough. He wanted more, and his heart wouldn’t settle for anyone but her. Can Brooklyn survive her brother’s best friend? Or will she be another victim of his winter games?
Shaine It’s Christmas in Cringle Cove. Somebody save me. This place makes me crazy with all the decorations. But one thing makes being here even worse: my ex-boyfriend. In fact, he makes me regret ever leaving the house. One wrong step and I fall—hard. Who’s there to save me? None other than Max. Seeing him again brings back so many memories. One, in particular, brings tears to my eyes—the day I ended us. He’s all I think about. All I see. And he wants me back. However, returning to Max means choosing a road I never thought I’d take again.   Maxton I always know when Shaine’s home on break from college. Every part of my being goes on high alert the second she enters Cringle Cove. She was once mine, but not anymore. That is until I find her on the ground in pain. Ice happens. With her suddenly near, I have to fight the constant urge to wrap my arms around her and kiss her. We aren’t the same people we used to be. We have a lot to work through. Hearts to mend. If Shaine is my Christmas gift, it’ll be worth all the pain. This will be one long week.
Another winter means Christmas in Cringle Cove, the cozy resort town nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania. My home. It was never my dream to run my aunt’s bed and breakfast, but it’s my reality. The only good thing about this time of year is that we shut down the bed and breakfast to celebrate our family’s Christmas. The town twinkles with the festive lights as the snow falls in a glistening blanket on the land. The cheer is in the air, and I find myself embracing the holiday spirit. Not even the stack of bills that keep piling up can ruin the joyful cheer. That is until I collide into Roan McDaniels in the local coffee shop. The searing liquid that spills down my arm, is nothing compared to the ache in my heart. He’s back in town. The man who broke my heart so many years ago and he looks good. Damn good. Little did I know I was in for a very unexpected gift.