When she left me, I didn’t try to stop her.

But I never let her go.

Now she’s in trouble, and I’ll do whatever it takes to prove she needs me again.
This time around, she won’t be the one who got away.

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Two years undercover in a motorcycle club changes a man. Case closed, but Nick Tucker isn’t sure who he is anymoreDEA agent or criminal. When he’s the only one who will stand up to the bully, Savannah looks at him as though he’s her hero. Can he find his way back to being a good guy for her? There’s a fine line between right and wrong.

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As a CIA officer, Silas Steele had no problem crossing lines others wouldn’texcept for treason. Then he met Kira Petrova, a Russian spy on American soil. That clear line between good and evil blurred, and he realized in order to protect his country, he’d have to betray it first.

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