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I recently finished a book I think everyone should read.

I laughed, cringed, smiled, and felt sad along with the characters. There were times I laughed out loud–literally.  

I could legit be best friends with the heroine, Wren. She is quirky, sweet, feisty, funny, and obsessive. She’s nowhere near perfect, and that makes her even more endearing. She depends on an inanimate object to make her decisions after one life-altering encounter went devastatingly wrong.

Logan, our swoon-worthy hero, is sexy, patient, and understanding. He falls for our quirky little Wren, and tries to help her see she doesn’t need the lucky ball.  

But old habits die hard when the insecurities that drive us to craziness rear their ugly heads. With a past that’s still very much alive and well, and a self-esteem that’s only begun to heal, Wren turns to the only comfort she’d allowed herself to have. 

Will that comfort cost her a promising future? Read Lucky Ball by Lisa N. Paul and find out!!!